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idea! Communications Group:

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Your single source for local and long-distance, voice and data, data center hosting, conferencing, cellular service, internet connectivity - domestic and international.

idea! Communications Group, Inc. is a Colorado based corporation. Founded in April 2002, idea! was designed to bring back an old idea in the telecommunications industry, real customer service. idea! employees are client advocates, not corporate account managers. We are compensated by the companies we represent, not our clients. Our vested interest in your satisfaction goes far beyond that of corporate employees.

We based our company on four principles:

  1. integrity
  2. dedication
  3. experience
  4. action!

We deliver products and services with the utmost integrity, strong sense of dedication to customers, years of direct experience, and an action oriented approach. And we have practiced it, for over 60 years and counting.

What can we do for you? 

  1. We are your Advocate: idea! Communications Group, Inc. is a virtual extension to your telecommunications staff.   Because we sell many different carriers, we provide an impartial and consultative perspective on the market trends which allows you to make the best possible decision regarding your telecommunication purchases and strategy. Our focus is defined by your buying criteria. idea! will conduct the research and recommend the best solution based on your pre-defined criteria including price, product, and service .  In addition, we will negotiate the most flexible terms to allow you to manage through the ‘unexpected’. 
  2. One Stop Shop:  Purchasing your telecommunication services through idea! Communications Group, Inc. allows you to have a ‘One Stop Shop’ without losing the benefits of picking and choosing between carriers.   This approach allows you to maximize your buying criteria AND maintain the ‘one throat to choke’ when issues arise with your service. As your telecommunication needs require you to pursue services through new vendors, our team will continue to be your single contact and eliminate the complexities that can arise when you have to manage multiple contacts. 
  3. Consistent Account Team:  In this ever changing industry and continued downsizing, it is increasingly important that you have a consistent account team.  The carriers can (and will) make changes to their support teams but you will ALWAYS know your idea! team and we will use our resources to manage your multi-vendor environment [allowing you to focus on other business issues]. 
  4. Your Satisfaction is our Motivator:  idea! Communications Group, Inc. is compensated by the carrier on a monthly basis which means your satisfaction is the ultimate motivator for our success.  When you buy directly from a carrier, the compensation plan is based on NEW sales which means they are more concerned about what they can sell you next and less concerned about the service your have already purchased.  idea! Communications Group, Inc.’s business model is a sales retention and sales motivated model which means your satisfaction is the building block to our success. 
  5. Our Integrity, Dedication, Experience & Action are your market advantages: The fact that we are not tied to one single supplier allows us to present a non-bias proposal. You will receive our honest opinion about each solution in the areas of product, price, strategy and service and our detailed recommendation based on your defined buying criteria. We have dedicated ourselves to the telecommunications industry representing over 50 years of collective experience.  Our position in the industry and years of experience is your direct benefit. idea! is intimately familiar with the products and services you have and need from all the carriers we sell for. We have a firm understanding of the long-haul and local network. We tap into our dedicated team at each carrier to design and implement the perfect solution. Our experience allows us to quickly resolve outage issues and discover the root cause.